"We are small but reach far"


Each of our collections begins with the choice of a series of yarns that we think are suitable for what we want to achieve, then the yarns are tested through various processes to see if they can be used and transformed into the ideal sweaters for our collections.

Our yarns guarantee unique comfort, keeping the quality of our garments unchanged over time. 

The care that we give exalts the nobility of the material while respecting its nature.


Our garments are made exclusively with first-choice natural and ecological materials. We firmly believe that a well-designed and  well-made garment should last for generations without ever losing its beauty.


Man has always sought a way to paint and color with materials found in nature.


Our company has always dyed its yarns with natural colors with unique results that are compatible with both the skin and the environment.


The extraordinary handmade finishes with needle and thread from our knitters are a great pride and added value for us that we bring to every creation.  


Accuracy, care and attention are reserved for accessory applications.


Most of our productions are ironed on  a single piece;


only in this way can we guarantee maximum precision, excellence in the operation and in the final result.


Our textures are a combination of nostalgic inspiration and technical reinvention. 


Vintage postcards of landscapes, faded fisherman's shirts ... symbols of life designed to create collections based primarily on "texture".


But also textures that go beyond the classic according to traditional techniques.


Complex processes necessary to guarantee all the characteristics of sweetness and softness, typical of the best garments.


The Zanieri style was born from the love for cashmere, from the technical research on the color and properties of this extraordinary yarn.


The garments are treated with exclusive technological processes that give original colors and enhance the comfort of the yarn, such as Future Vintage and Salt.